“Ostinelli's score played a pivotal role in bringing The Mist to life.... In a stroke of genius, Ostinelli took a different approach here to make this unusual "figure" stand out musically... Conventional use of instruments would not have fully conveyed the ethereal presence of the mist, so Ostinelli made some bold choices in his approach... He has crafted something very special here" 

Movie Pilot

In recent years, Giona Ostinelli has been increasingly recognized as "one of the industry’s most prolific composers," said Electronic Musician. Most recently, Ostinelli scored THE ROMANOFFS, Amazon Studio’s globe-spanning ambitious follow-up to MAD MEN from creator and nine-time Emmy-winner Matthew Weiner. The anthology series features a star-studded cast including Christina Hendricks, Aaron Eckhart, Isabelle Huppert, Diane Lane, Amanda Peet, Jack Huston, John Slattery, Paul Reiser, Corey Stoll, Hugh Skinner, JJ Field, Hera Hilmar, Kathryn Hahn, Radha Mitchell, among others. "The one thing that stood out undeniably was the series' impeccable taste in music," - said Meaww, praising Ostinelli's score for its "sophisticated music palette."


Ostinelli recently completed his groundbreaking score for Facebook Watch’s first scripted drama series, a fan and critic favorite, SACRED LIES, created by Emmy-nominated Raelle Tucker and executive produced by Tucker, two-time Emmy-winning director Scott Winant and Blumhouse Television. Additionally, Ostinelli wrote and produced original songs for the series. The International Film Music Critics Association (IFMCA) lauded the score for its "exciting, innovative flavour," while Vehlinggo called it "a stunner" applauding its "remarkable versatility." Lakeshore Records released the original series soundtrack. 



In 2017 Ostinelli composed a critically acclaimed haunting soundtrack for Paramount’s reimagining of the Stephen King novel, THE MIST. Created by Christian Torpe and executive produced by The Weinstein Company, THE MIST stars Frances Conroy, Alyssa Sutherland, and Morgan Spector. Movie Pilot praised the score as “a stroke of genius” and “pivotal in bringing THE MIST to life.” The IFMCA lauded it as a fascinating and addictive composition, a superb score on its own and one of the most affecting parts of the show in context. Once again Giona Ostinelli delivers an exceptional composition. The Mist is a complex and complete score that you shouldn’t miss under any circumstances," while Electronic Musician described it as "some of the most exciting and moving film music in a while." BMG Records released the original series soundtrack. 


The same year, Ostinelli lent his musical talents to the SXSW Grand Jury Award-nominated film M.F.A. starring Francesca Eastwood, which earned him a coveted spot on Taste of Cinema’s 10 Best Film Scores of 2017. The IFMCA declared the composing team of Giona Ostinelli and Sonya Belousova “one of the most innovative and exciting to listen to working today,” adding that their music for M.F.A was “an acid trip of a score which should not be missed.” Variety praised the score for its "vividly unnerving" quality, while The Hollywood Reporter admired its richness. Lakeshore Records released the original soundtrack for the film.


Ostinelli’s illustrious career spans over countless television episodes and feature films, most recently including Lionsgate’s action film REPRISAL starring Bruce Willis, Frank Grillo, and Olivia Culpo, directed by Brian A. Miller, and the heist thriller LYING AND STEALING with Emily Ratajkowski, Theo James, Isiah Whitlock Jr., and Evan Handler, directed by Matt Aselton produced by COTA Films (Ghost In The Shell, Prometheus)


“That’s the aura of Giona: an innovator. He seems to have “surprise” coded into his DNA”

The Huffington Post

“Darling” is one of the most interesting and innovative soundscapes this year. The atmosphere that Giona Ostinelli creates is unique and extremely effective… Brilliant!”

International Film Music Critics Association

"The shots freeze, stutter and meld together to Giona Ostinelli’s fuzzy, thudding, looping electro-classical soundtrack of feedback noise."


Ostinelli's hallucinatory score for Mickey Keating’s breakout psychological thriller DARLING instantly earned a fan favorite status. Released by Mondo Records on vinyl and Lakeshore Records on CD, it was lauded as "arresting and discordant" by The Hollywood Reporter, “one of the most interesting and innovative soundscapes of 2016” by the IFMCA, "one of the most effective scores of recent times" by Dread Central, "one of the greatest, atonal and terrifying film scores" by Comingsoon.net, "chilling" by The New York Post," and "fantastic" by IndieWire.


Sundance and SXSW cult favorite CARNAGE PARK is another example of Ostinelli’s collaboration with Keating. The New York Times described the score as a "soundtrack alternating among ambient Lynchian strains and snatches of hard-core rock," and The Huffington Post proclaimed Ostinelli “an innovator with ‘surprise’ coded in his DNA.”


Ostinelli gained millions of fans across the globe producing the music for the viral sensation PLAYER PIANO, executive produced by Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee. “Terrific” (Forbes), “mind-blowing” (Entertainment Weekly), “galactic” (Mashable), “masterful” (MTV) - these are just some of the epithets used frequently by media worldwide. 



Additionally, Ostinelli created "musical magic" (The Examiner) for David Mamet's quirky dramedy TWO-BIT WALTZ starring Academy Award nominees William H. Macy and David Paymer; composed a “fuzzy, thudding, looping electro-classical soundtrack of feedback noise” (Variety) for the 2017 SXSW Grand Jury Award nominee LIKE ME starring Addison Timlin and Larry Fessenden; underlined the heartwarming nostalgia of THE BOAT BUILDER starring Christopher Lloyd and Jane Kaczmarek; composed a bright and colorful soundtrack for TOBIO: THE PUPPET MASTER, a musical play currently playing at the Theater U Nikitskikh Vorot (Moscow, Russia); wrote and produced "insanely catchy" songs and score (Playbill) for MILLENNIALS: THE MUSICAL from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Lin-Manuel Miranda; among others. Ostinelli has been invited to contribute original music and orchestrate many feature films and enduring fan favorite hit series including Showtime’s HOMELAND, CBS’s ELEMENTARY, HBO's GAME CHANGE, FOX’s 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY, FOX’s MINORITY REPORT, NBC's COMMUNITY, FOX's NEW GIRL, ABC's HAPPY ENDINGS, FOX's BONES, Scott Free's BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP, FOX's DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: DOG DAYS, Lionsgate's ABDUCTION, among others.




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