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Ostinelli's score for Mickey Keating’s breakout psychological thriller DARLING was lauded as "arresting and discordant" by The Hollywood Reporter; “one of the most interesting and innovative soundscapes of 2016” by the IFMCA; and "one of the most effective scores of recent times" by Dread Central. The Original Soundtrack Album has been released by Mondo Records on vinyl and Lakeshore Records on CD & digital. The film, distributed by Screen Media, describes a lonely girl’s violent descent into madness and stars Lauren Ashley Carter, Larry Fessenden, Sean Young & Brian Morvant.


Official selection  2015 Fantastic Fest

Official selection  2015 Ithaca International Fantastic Film Festival

Official selection  2015 Mile High Horror Film Festival


"Darling” is one of the most interesting and innovative soundscapes I’ve heard this year. The atmosphere that Giona Ostinelli creates is unique and extremely effective… Brilliant”

Film Music Critics Association


"The arresting sound design and discordant musical score further contribute to the ominous atmosphere”

The Hollywood Reporter


"One of the most effective scores of recent times is without a doubt Giona Ostinelli’s ‘Darling’ soundtrack”

Dread Central


"One of the greatest, atonal and terrifying film scores I've heard since Mica Levi’s work in Under The Skin. Bravo Giona Ostinelli”

Shock TIll You Drop


"A soundtrack alternating among ambient Lynchian strains and snatches of hard-core rock”

The New York Times


"What builds the unsettling atmosphere in "Darling" is the fantastic sound work that enhances the imagery on screen”



"Giona Ostinelli’s alarming score here is set to stun, amplifying simple sequences into the stuff of shrill horrorshow; every movement is accompanied by an “off” sting, a loud slam of percussion, an atonal screech. The ultimate effect is like having the most hideous of hangovers, where every soft sound splits your skull open. Of course, Ostinelli’s soundscape isn’t all attack, there’s some lovely piano passages and Jerry Goldsmith-influenced percussion pieces that are incredibly evolved, daring and unique"

Shock TIll You Drop


"Giona Ostinelli’s brooding electronic score”

LA Weekly

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